here lies THE MAGICIAN, known namely as Willow Rosenberg and on the internet as petrichoran. here in the Lair, they primarily host their writing, including essays about alterhumanity and short fiction pieces, as well as general information about themself and their experiences.

the Lair, being a place of Magic, can be a bit unpredictable and may not display correctly on mobile devices. additionally, one may have a better experience in the Lair if they use firefox, as this will appease The Magician.

the Lair is under construction and likely will be for all eternity.


april 1st, 2024: i wrote an essay about fictionkin in a field guide to otherkin and information about how you can use my work and how i want to be attributed for it. i published both of those a little while ago but completely forgot to list them here! i may mess around with the css of those pages in the future.

feburary 4th, 2024: i'm in a webring now!! i got the link to it up on all of the major pages. i've added a couple more entries on the contact page since my last update as well.

december 31st, 2023: got the bare bones pages created and strung together and some of them are compete for the time being! all the top navigation links work!

december 27th, 2023: finally got started on this thing! hopefully i'll get the basics put together in the next few days. today, i got the format together and i'm starting the home/about/projects/etc. pages.