The Otherkin Wiki logo: a gothic capital letter O in a box, similar looking to an illuminated manuscript but more modern. Otherkin Wiki: i'm an administrator on the Otherkin Wiki along with Voxel! it contains information about the culture, experiences, and history of otherkin and other alterhuman communities.

Alterhuman Coalition: Alterhuman Coalition is a general alterhuman discord server i run with lots of channels for discussion on specific experiences and identities. there's also spaces to talk about bringing alterhumanity into the real world, both in little, fun ways and also in larger, political ways - we shouldn't have to hide who we are!

Archetroper's Guild: Archetroper's Guild is a discord server i run about archetropes and similar alterhuman identities!

Otherworldly Spirituality: Otherworldly Spirituality is a multi-faith discord server i run for alterhumans looking to base their spiritual practices around their identities in some way. all theories of origin are welcome - your alterhumanity doesn't have to have a spiritual basis itself for you to join!